Is Tamiflu 75mg helpful in Corona Virus? Tamiflu 75Mg for Corona Virus

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Is Tamiflu 75mg helpful in Corona Virus? Tamiflu 75Mg for Corona Virus

For close to two months now, the media has been awash with news of the outbreak of the Corona Virus. What started in the Chinese city of Wuhan has now spread to locations as far and wide as Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, and Japan. More than 500 people are known to have already died from the virus. More than 15,000 people are already infected by it. With this grim news and sad statistics, it is only natural that people would begin to wonder whether they can use Tamiflu 75mg for Corona Virus.

It seems that not only are ordinary people looking for a cure against this deadly virus. Doctors and scientists are also worried and are doing all they can to find a cure. Recently, it seemed that a breakthrough might be close at hand. Doctors in Thailand claim that they have recorded some success in the treatment of severe cases of the Corona Virus. They claim to have combined drugs for HIV and the flu, and these results revealed some improvement two days after the treatment.

How does Tamiflu 75mg help in coronavirus?

The interest here would, of course, be the mention of the drugs for the flu that they used. It would naturally make us wonder if Tamiflu 75mg helpful in coronavirus? It is because Tamiflu is a popular medication for the cure of the flu. And if the Thai doctors said they found success in tackling the coronavirus with drugs for the flu, then you can expect that a lot of people would start to order Tamiflu without prescription. It is going to start happening especially in those cities where there is the fear of the virus already infecting people.

The Thai doctors are based in Bangkok’s Rajavuthi Hospital. They revealed that the condition of a lot of patients under their care had improved since they used this new approach to treating the coronavirus. One of the patients who is also responding is a 70-year-old Chinese woman from Wuhan who for ten days was tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to these doctors, what they included in their drug treatment was a mixture of anti-HIV drugs ritonavir and lopinavir, in combination with large doses of a flu drug known as Oseltamivir.

A quick reminder is necessary here. Oseltamivir is a generic name for an antiviral medicine which is used for the treatment of anyone who has been infected with the flu. Tamiflu is the brand name for this medicine. Oseltamivir acts as an inhibitor for neuraminidase. What this means is that it works by clinging on the neuraminidase enzyme that is used by the virus to release from host cells that are infected.

There is some controversy surrounding the use of Tamiflu for the treatment of influenza. A review in 2014 concluded that the number of people hospitalized by the flu or those experiencing complications did not reduce when Oseltamivir was administered on them. They also found that the risks of Tamiflu cash on delivery outweighed the benefits. The possible side effects of taking this drug comprise of seizures, insomnia, headaches, diarrhoea, and vomiting.

The doctors in the Thailand hospital have pointed out that their cocktail is not yet a cure. However, they have pointed out that the condition of the patients is showing remarkable improvements. After they applied this combination of medicine, the test results became negative within forty-eight hours. It happened after the patient had tested positive for ten days under their care.

They claim that they still have more study to undertake to determine if this can become a standard treatment. For most of us, the outlook is good, and it just might mean that Tamiflu 75mg would help treat the Corona Virus.

Before this recent revelation by the Thai doctors, health officials in China have already been using flu and HIV drugs to attack the virus. The Thai doctors pointed out that the use of the three together in a cocktail seemed to improve the treatment.

A separate doctor in the same hospital stated that one other patient displayed some allergic reaction while another showed improvement when two patients were treated with the same approach.

The doctor in question stated that international practices had been followed. However, the dosage of one of the drugs was increased. That drug was Oseltamivir flu medicine. It could be an indication that people should go out and buy Tamiflu online if they have the coronavirus. But remember that it is not the only drug that was used. Besides, the treatment is not yet standard.

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Does Tamiflu work for all age groups? Buy Tamiflu Online

Tamiflu is a medication that is designed to tackle the effects of influenza (also known as ‘the flu’) in the human body. It is usual for anyone who goes to buy Tamiflu online to want to assume that this drug is meant explicitly for grown-ups and not kids. The thinking could be that its effects and side effects can be too much for children to handle. But is this true? It is possible to imagine that children having flu would not be treated by some version of this wonderful medication?

As of December 21st, 2012, the FDA gave its approval for Tamiflu for kids. They stated that children who were as young as two weeks old could be treated for flu with Tamiflu. It means that any infant who was lower than one year old who had the symptoms of the flu such as body aches, fever, sore throat, cough, and stuffy nose for not more than two days can use the drug.

Admittedly, this approval is bound to have generated a lot of excitement in parents. Before the FDA approval came, it had been assumed that only Tamiflu for adults was available. No matter how well it worked, there was no version for children. Now, the case is different. Children and infants can make use of this wonderful drug to tackle the flu.

There is a restriction to the FDA approval – the FDA has not approved that this medication is for the prevention of influenza infection in children. It means that even though you can use this drug to fight the symptoms of the flu in children, it cannot be used as a substitute for a vaccine against the flu.

How can you Buy Tamiflu Online?

This is good news. Now, when any parent wants to purchase Tamiflu cash on delivery or buy Tamiflu online for their children with the flu, they know that the medication would be suitable for treating their children. After all, it is now the only drug that has been approved for treating children under one year of age of the flu. Such children are usually at an increased risk of developing the flu’s complications.

Before the FDA approval was given, the permission that Tamiflu had was for treatment of flu in children ages one year and more and in adults who have had the signs for less than 48 hours. The medication was also approved for the prevention of influenza infection in adults and children more than one-year-old.

Correct Dosage for Infants is Vital

The officials of the FDA state that if you order Tamiflu without prescription or with a prescription, a fixed dosage schedule must be followed in all adults and children that are over one year old. However, the dosage for children not up to one-year-old has to be computed according to the weight of each infant.

A child not up to one-year-old is expected to get 3 milligrams of Tamiflu per kilogram of their body weight for five days and taken twice daily. This dose is smaller, and it needs a different dispenser from what now comes in a pack of Tamiflu.

The FDA instructs that the proper dispenser has to be provided by the pharmacists whenever they fill out prescriptions. By so doing, parents are going to be able to measure and administer to their children the correct dose. The FDA equally instructs that pediatricians and parents have to ensure that infants and children get only the quantity of the drug that is needed for their weight.

Infants at Risk for Complication of the Flu

The CDC estimates that children not up to two years of age are very vulnerable to the development of the flu’s complications. The records of the highest rates of hospitalization for the flu is in infants who are six months of age and younger.

The approval of the FDA for Tamiflu to be given to children not yet up to one-year-old depended on prior studies on older children and adults.

Vomiting and diarrhoea are the most common side effects in the studies conducted by the FDA.

There have been reports of rare cases of abnormal behaviour, delirium, hallucinations, skin reactions, dizziness, and severe rash when children use Tamiflu. However, there have been no further discoveries in new safety studies.