Does Propecia bring impotency in men?

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Hair loss problem Propecia

Does Propecia bring impotency in men?

The FDA warns that Propecia the drug used for baldness may cause infertility and more sexual problems than previously thought. It means that when you order Propecia online , the male hormone activity in a man reduces because of the presence of the main ingredient called finasteride.

Apart from the FDA, labels are also warning of infertility trouble, less ejaculation and orgasm, and less sexual desire when men use Propecia without prescription.

This drug causes erectile dysfunction in some men. It is the reason why a warning of  Propecia in impotency and its potentially harmful side effects is already being carried by the drug label.

Today, when you turn to Propecia for help the following new warnings are included on this drug:

  • Propecia may lead to the inability to reach orgasm, inability to ejaculate, and loss of sexual desire. Even after men stop using the medication and its dosage, the loss of sexual desire can continue.
  • The baldness drug can cause poor semen quality and male infertility. After men stop taking medicine, these Propecia side effects reduce or go away.

The sexual side effects of Propecia are rare

Even though there is no concrete evidence that Propecia effects are the cause of these problems, the FDA had received sufficient reports of these side effects to be concerned.

Even if this medication leads to these sexual problems, they have been identified in just small numbers of men. For instance, in clinical trials involving Propecia, sexual problems were reported in only 3.8 per cent of the men who took the drug and 2.1 per cent of men who took an inactive placebo.

Besides, the warnings are based on small numbers of reported problems that are relatively small.

  • From 1998 to 2011, the FDA reviewed 421 reports of sexual dysfunction while assessing Propecia. Of these, sexual dysfunction that lasted for at least three months after patients stopped using the medication was reported by 59 cases.
  • After men stopped taking the drug, erectile dysfunction and reduced libido lasted for at least several weeks.
  • The FDA also found out poor semen quality that was linked to Propecia in 251 cases.

A patient who is taking this drug and hoping on benefit from Propecia uses must discuss with their doctor if they are concerned about the recent warnings. They should also consult their doctors if they suffer from sexual dysfunction or experience fertility problems.

For patients who have not started taking the drug, they should expect that their doctor is going to highlight the possible side effects of this drug to them. They can also expect that alternative medication is going to be recommended or a remedy is going to be suggested.

Many significant labels like Merck produce Propecia. The drug is equally available in the form of generic versions. No matter the version of Propecia that you encounter, you should remember these warnings and still discuss your concerns with your doctor or pharmacist.

If while taking the medication, you notice any of the signs of male infertility stated above, you must contact your doctor.

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